I love Halloween, it might be my favorite holiday, or certainly way up there.

This year was always going to be weird - with the coronavirus, trick-or-treating was off the table from the get-go and we couldn't have an indoor party or anything like that, but we still thought that maybe we'd be able to have an outdoor candy scavenger hunt or a walk around the block in our costumes to see decorations.

But then yesterday it snowed. Like, real snow; not a huge storm but a lot more than what we typically see in October. (We often get a few flakes, but almost never anything that accumulates.) And today was cold, with a high in the low 40s. So our oudoor plans were pretty much nixed - too cold and wet to go out in costumes, and too snowy to search for candy in the yard.

We made the best of it though; the kids and I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and they got dressed up. My parents stopped by for a brief visit (they stand at the bottom of the stairs, us at the top...), and we made the kids a candy hunt indoors which they enjoyed quite a lot.

Needless to say what's really scary right now is Tuesday's upcoming election. It was kind-of great to only be scared of vampires and skeletons for a few hours.