My knee is not really getting much better.

I've been kind-of babying it for a couple of months hoping that it would start healing a little more, but that hasn't really helped. My doctor had me get another MRI (I have had so many by now that if I get one more I get a free toaster) which apparently looks like things are healing properly, but it is still very painful.

I've been on a 12-hour NSAID for a few weeks, and it has helped a bit but it isn't a longterm solution, and even with it, the pain is still ever-present.

Today we went on a little walk in the woods. I hesitate to call it a hike, because it was probably less than a mile and it was mostly an even path. (We did find one difficult spot, pictured below)

The kids and my wife handled it just fine, but the trail was really tough on my knee. Ever since we got home I've been in a good amount of pain. I'm due for more knee medicine in a few minutes, which is great because it really hurts a lot at the moment.

I'm not sure what the next step is for my recovery. It might just be to wait and hope for the best. I certainly don't want another surgery, and I'm not sure there are really any other options besides that (which would probably mean knee replacement.)

In the meantime, I could use an ice pack.