Remember back in September when I was scared because the covid cases had jumped from 200 to 700? Today was around 6,500. I had no idea then that things would get this bad, and right now it seems like we're on track to keep getting worse, perhaps much worse.

It isn't clear yet if these new cases are the result of thanksgiving travel, or if those cases are yet to come. (I think probably the latter.) My town's schools have been remote this week in order to minimize possible exposure to kids who may have traveled or otherwise been exposed over thanksgiving. (I think this was very wise, but it has sparked a great deal of controversy in our town.)

Today we got texts and phone calls from the state urging us to take precautions. But of course there's no new restrictions and schools remain open. Back in April things were like this or maybe not quite as bad and we had a statewide shutdown. I don't understand why people are pretending that we can continue to have business as usual with this level of contagion.

Even the federal government apparently told MA that we need to ramp up our restrictions. But so far there's nothing new from the governor.

I'm pretty scared. I know that there's a vaccine coming, but that will take months. Biden will have more sensible policies, but not for another month and a half, and who knows if our governor will listen. In the meantime we will continue to be very cautious and to try to minimize our possible exposure, but of course we still need to go out from time to time for groceries, etc. I'm worried that delivery windows from Instacart and Prime Now will start to dry up again.

I'm not entirely clear how to read the statewide risk map. When I look at it, my town is red, but if I click on it for more information it says 'Red: No', whatever that means. Either way we have a lot of cases per capita, and it is getting worse.

I'm supposed to go back to in-person PT in January. Right now that doesn't seem like a very good idea, but we'll see how things go in the next few weeks.  

In any case, I wish you and yours good health and continued safety. Let us hope that this surge is temporary and that we will return to comparitive safety before too long.